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My first blog- Intro to who I am and my credentials!

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Hello and welcome! This is my introductory blog about who I am and how we got here today! My name is Crystal and I’m the owner and esthetician of Skin Palace & Wellness. I am 1 of 3 daughters born to my immigrant parents, my mother is from Honduras & my father from the Dominican Republic. I grew up between Miami/Palm Beach Florida & fabulous NYC. I moved to NYC as a child fulltime to purse my ballet career, attending Alvin Ailey's youth program in Manhattan while enrolled in Performing Arts Schools my entire youth. As a young adult I did some modeling later learning I had a strong passion for beauty and all things Wellness!

The hectic city life caused me to constantly seek an escape; I frequented spas and wellness centers and quickly fell in love with feeling and looking good. I became a Makeup Artist for Prestigious brands working in Soho (Manhattan ), later enrolling in CUNY and earning my AA then started my Nursing degree which I ended up putting on hold to focus on being a Full Time mom. Due to the flexibility, in 2014 I became a certified Pilates instructor when my amazing instructor at the time asked me to start covering classes for her then pushing me to get certified! I did that full time and loved it until I decided I was over the fast city life thereupon moved to FL in 2016 to focus on raising my beautiful daughter!

The strong sun quickly made me become obsessed with my skin leading me to Enroll in Esthetics school @ Palm Beach Academy. At this point in my life none of my passions made sense, since they were all different: MakeUp Artistry, Pilates, Healthcare and Skin Care! I didn't have lots of support from my family and friends; however, oddly I felt in my spirit one day it would all make sense. As a licensed esthetician my first job was for a plastic surgeon in Naples, FL. I loved everything about the medical side of aesthetics and quickly became obsessed with learning new technology and advanced esthetics. I attended every convention, conference and training I could get my hands on and knew ultimately, I wanted to go solo and put all my passions together to open my own wellness center.

I worked at a couple high end spas over the years gaining more knowledge and experience until I felt the time was right! During the pandemic, the spa I was employed with, closed for awhile causing my clients to reach out and ask for product recommendations to keep up with their skin care needs. I quickly decided to use my extra time on lock down to take online courses and teach myself to build a website as well as starting an online business. I started this website strictly as an e-commerce business at first. I started with 1 product and quickly expanded. I sold anti aging devices and facial kits which ended up becoming bigger than I expected.

When my employer at the time reopened, I was not happy with the conditions of our work environment. Although I was being booked back to back, sanitation and my health were not taken serious. I knew in my heart it was time to go solo and take matters into my own hands. My outlook has always been quality over quantity; therefore, I strived to find a location where I can bring that experience. I ended up finding the perfect storefront location; however, due to pandemic there were numerous detours and delays with contractors as well as the landlord giving me too many restrictions and limitations with my plan for this space. Sadly I had no choice but to withdraw my contract until life becomes closer to normal and I wouldn't be limited. Naturally it didn't feel right especially with ongoing talks of more shutdowns coming and the uncertainty of the future.

In the meantime, as of August 2021, we are currently located in the west wing of Gardner Orthopedics Medical Facility in Fort Myers, FL ( by appointment only)! I am beyond ecstatic to be able to offer pre and post procedure medical grade facials in addition to traditional spa services! Currently I am working on finishing my BSN in order to continue my educational goals of becoming an aesthetic injector (think botox/fillers)! Although there have been some obstacles in the course, my passions have ALL turned into my business and I can not be happier these days! I have some of the best clients who have followed me throughout my esthetics journey and pushed me to go solo, which I am forever grateful for!

The joy I get from helping others look and feel their best is truly priceless, as I feel beyond blessed to be doing this for a living! My sister has recently joined the team and will be offering permanent make up services soon! Our goal is to accentuate your beauty and help bring out the best version of yourself! I look forward to continue meeting new clients while earning your trust with all your Skin Care, Wellness & Beauty needs! Our service menu is growing weekly, as well as our team so make sure to subscribe to our email list to stay up to date with specials & promos! Each and every Monday informative blogs will be published of either in depth skin/beauty procedures with before/after photos to trending topics! Stay tuned it's about to get really fun around here!! :)


Crystal xoxo

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