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Waking Up with Intentions

Healthy morning habits for your beauty, health and wellness


The days of waking up in a rush running out the door are long gone for many people through out the world. Over the years people have incorporated a morning ritual which has deemed to be a life changing habit and changes the course of the day. Waking up with intentions and focusing on how you would like your day to look and feel is a manifestation tool many high profile CEO's make priority. Below is a list of healthy habits to incorporate into your morning rituals!


As you open your eyes in the morning focus on positives and say (or think) of 3 things you would like to focus on.


I intend to see the goodness around me.

I intend to manifest happiness naturally.

I intend to love unconditionally.


Studies have shown that drinking lemon water on an empty stomach has many health benefits, the most important being it boosts energy levels and speeds your metabolism. Supplies a healthy dose of vitamin C , aids in weight loss, promotes clear glowing skin, kills bacteria in the gut amongst many more.. As a Skin Care Specialist, Health Advocate and future Nurse Practitioner I always encourage my clients to drink lemon water first thing before their regular coffee or tea simply so your body can absorb the nutrients and function healthy throughout the day. (A full blog on lemon water benefits coming soon..)


Our bodies are meant to be active not stagnant. Stretching first thing in the morning has been proven to reduce stress and aches, pains and discomforts throughout the body. A simple 5 minutes stretch can change the course of your day. Easier said then done sometimes, yes true however doing anything is better than nothing. Take a walk around your neighborhood while listening to a podcast or music, take a yoga class, if you do not belong to any fitness clubs simply turn on YouTube in the comfort of your home. We get it, this can be the most challenging topic of all but we promise its the most beneficial part of your day. FYI here at Skin Palace we do offer 1 on 1 private Pilates lessons in the comfort of your home or in a private outdoor area in South West Cape Coral. Click here for more info.

For an at home introductory yoga video we recommend grabbing your yoga mat and starting with this stretch video.


It is clinically proven, taking a cold shower in the morning has many mental benefits. It increases alertness and focus on whatever tasks are at hand. It improves circulation, tones and gives your skin a beautiful and healthy glow!

Try all the above for 7 days straight and I promise you will feel a significant change in your mood and physical well being. If you already do this, good for you, thank you for taking care of yourself and making your wellbeing your top priority.

Always remember: A healthy outside starts from a healthy inside!

Until next time,


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