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A peeling cream, which releases all its youthful renewing power while you are sleeping. The colorant free cream decreases the adhesion of the corneocytes and keeps the skin balanced and vibrant. Night after night, your skin will look purer and more even. The appearance of sleep lines will be reduced. Morning after morning, your skin awakens with a radiant and fresh appearance. The Dibi Milano Acid Infusion Night Cream turns every second of the night into beauty.


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  • A professional skin peeling cream that releases all its youth restoring power as you sleep. Every second of the night is transformed into beauty. The colorant-free skin cream is rich in Pyruvic acid, which has acantholytic action that reduces the adhesion of corneocytes. It leaves your skin looking brighter and the texture visibly smoother. The skin peeling cream contains the ideal concentration of Allantoin, which helps keep your skin balanced and healthy. Night after night, the skin looks purer and more even. Sleep lines are less visible. Morning after morning, your skin starts the day looking radiant and refreshed.


    • Provides more even and radiant skin
    • Makes sleep lines less visible
    • Includes pure Pyruvic Acid and Allantoin
    • Youth restoring power as you sleep
    • Dark spots, imperfections and wrinkles are less visible
    • Renews your skin
    • Improves skin quality and brightens dull-looking complexions
    • Acts like an exfoliant with an effective and innovative dual function
    • Pleasant texture that is not sticky
    • Works effectively throughout the whole night
  • Apply to the face and neck in the evening, massaging until fully absorbed. For more sensitive skin, apply on alternate evenings for the first week.


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