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The Lift Creator Intensive "Liquid" Cream has a fresh, light and ultra-fine texture, rich in lifting active ingredients which stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. It also acts as a daily renewal thanks to Salicylic Acid, which gives the skin an extraordinarily smooth and lifted effect.


The professional skin cream enhances and highlights your beauty with a firming, lifting and anti-age action. It has lifting action which reduces wrinkles, firms the tissues and re-densifies them. The result is lifted, renewed skin, more toned and compact.


Result: The skin regains new life, appears lifted and renewed.


Skin Concern: Lift & Tone


Size: 50ml / 1.76 fl. oz.



Excluding Sales Tax
  • The line of new-generation cosmetic facelift products from Dibi Milano combines 3 phases in a single treatment. The Cosmetic Peeling Phase smooths and renews the skin tissue. The Cosmetic Reforming Phase replenishes the skin with Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen Boosters, Elastin Boosters, Vitamins and Botox-like Peptides. The Cosmetic Lifting Phase stimulates cells to produce the substances that make the skin elastic and supple, helping a rejuvenating action.


    • Visible Lifting Effect
    • Smooths the Skin for Less Wrinkles
    • Improved Distance Between Eyelids
    • Reduces Eye bags and Circles
    • Skin is Compact, Toned and Elastic
    • Repositions the Volumes of the Face
    • Increases the Density of the Tissues
    • Lifts Up Facial Contours
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